21st Century Wildlife Collecting!

The many millions of plant and animal samples looked after by Manchester Museum are an incredibly valuable scientific resource. One of the important things they tell us is where animals and plants lived in the past, but scientists still need this information about wildlife today. You can help by exploring nature in your local environment and by sharing your wildlife finds online.


Manchester Museum is proud to be supporting two fantastic, international citizen science projects this spring. City Nature Challenge and BackyardBio both encourage budding nature explorers - young and old! - to use the easy i-naturalist app to spot and share data on wildlife in their local area. The online collection created will be a fantastic snapshot for scientists to learn from

Join us in April and May to log and share your photos of the wildlife you see, from bugs to birds, flowers, trees and mammals - you'll be amazed at what you find living right on your doorstep.

Getting out in nature is great for your wellbeing so join us to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, Give, and Care for our planet.


City Nature Challenge 2021: Greater Manchester

30 April - 3 May

Backyard Bio - Museum, Collections and Nature. Live digital event for schools

13 May

Backyard Bio - 21st Century Nature Collecting.

Live digital event for schools

20 May

Caught the bug yet?

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24 May

Family event am

2 June

May Backyard Bio Month

iNaturalist app

Install i-Naturalist mobile apps so you can always observe, even without cell reception or Wi-Fi.


Outdoor Explorer

Activities and resources for an outdoor adventure, exploring the wonderful world of plants and minibeasts.