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Age Friendly

Manchester Museum has many years’ experience of working with older adults, developing age friendly programmes with older people as participants, artists or activists, sharing our ambition to be the most inclusive, caring and imaginative museum.  As part of this work the Museum leads the city’s Culture Champion programme, a cultural activism and leadership scheme for people aged 50 and over. The programme builds upon Manchester’s citizen-based approach to ageing. This longstanding approach seeks to improve the quality of life for older people and make the city a better place to grow older.  


The Museum is a sector leader in culture and ageing work, hosting the ‘Creative Ageing Development Agency’ (CADA), a national organisation advocating for and supporting the culture sector to be more age friendly. 

Culture Champion Programme

The Greater Manchester Culture Champion programme is a large-scale cultural activism and leadership scheme for people aged 50 and over.

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Let's Dance is a dance programme for museum movers of all abilities. 

We've partnered with Dance Practitioner and Culture Champion Hazel Roy to offer a series of fun, uplifting and age friendly online Dance Lessons.

Culture Champions Online Exhibition Space

Art work, poetry and up & coming events


Age Friendly activities and resources

We have been working hard to develop a series of creative activities and resources you can download and share with a group or work through on your own.


CADA: the Creative Ageing Development Agency believes that we all have a right to create and take an active part in creativity and cultural life at any age.

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