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We would like to thank Tina Ramos Ekongo, Mary Adekoya and Ilayda Bakare  for their work which inspired and supported this Call Out.

This art piece is called archanoid  and is based on Janelle Monaes' album artwork.

A herald to afro futurism. The top building in the city on the head piece is the University of Mali which is one of the oldest Universities in the world and a huge piece of African scholarly History.


Mary Adekoya

She is a Spanish -Equatorial Guinean figurative visual artist and illustrator who focuses mainly on portraiture, and is very influenced by the African traditional murals on health campaigns and the artwork found in African barbershops and hair saloons.

Her use of cardboard as the principal medium to develop her work serves as a juxtaposition on the undervalue of black women in Western societies and their real value as pillars of their communities and force of change. Through painting them on cardboard, she gives a new value to a disposable material and highlights the exquisite beauty of the black woman in her different shades. In the opinion of the artist, the British artistic world lacks sufficient representation  regarding black artists and creators and it's time to change the narrative, black artists need to be seen, listened to and felt.

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