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Community Festival goes digital with Manchester Museum

At this time of year we love welcoming our friends and neighbours onto the University of Manchester campus to enjoy our Community Festival. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible this year, but to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the great things our University has to offer, we have teamed up with Manchester Museum to hold our free Community Festival online. So, wherever you are, from Ardwick to Addis Ababa you can join us.  

Packed with fun family-friendly interactive activities, the festival will take place from 11am on Saturday 27 June 2020, with sessions live streamed on Periscope @mcrmuseum. It is really easy to watch on Periscope, you can tune-in directly through Manchester Museum’s Twitter feed, or watch via this link.

Dinosaurs with David 11am

Did you know dinosaurs lived in Scarborough, had feathers and left behind their delicate footprints? Join Dinosaurs with David Gelsthorpe, Curator of Earth Sciences.

Fairy-tale Frogs 12 noon

Frogs and toads have featured in fantastical stories - this segment with Kasia is an introduction to the real life versions of some of these characters. Note: don't try to find your prince here, some frogs are more poisonous than a witch’s enchanted apple!

Frogs and Pharaohs 1pm

Ever wondered: Did the ancient Egyptians have a frog god? What were the Biblical plagues? How are amphibians shown in hieroglyphs? Your chance to find out about frogs - and Pharaohs with Campbell Price, Curator of Ancient Egypt and Sudan.

Volcano Demonstration 2pm 

Your chance to discover more about volcanoes an watch our exciting live volcano demonstration with experts from The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Get involved with the Community Festival and tune-in from 11am on Saturday 27 June 2020, live on Periscope @mcrmuseum.

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