Simone Trumpet: The Divinity of Afro Hair

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Lock Pattern Simone Trumpet
Black Matter Simone Trumpet
Lock Pattern Simone Trumpet
Black Matter Simone Trumpet

A conversation between Simone Trumpet an artist and photographer based in Manchester, with Kemi Oloyede the creator of YBTN.


YBTN’s overall goal is to welcome those with a passion for young people into the profession, retain those who are already in the profession by ensuring they feel valued and are aware of opportunities into leadership, working closely with teaching and non-teaching staff, local authorities, outside agencies and those in government. YBTN aim to build a network of Black professionals represented at all levels in the education sector. This is needed to raise aspirations of black people and the next generation.


Simone Trumpet uses photography as a visual diary, capturing portraits of people and places to create a tangible memory of my feelings in that moment. Communicating in this visual style allows her to express a variety of messages at once, such as, exploring identity, religion, and the fluidity of the human form.

When visiting galleries, she noticed the marginalisation of black artists, pushing her to actively seek out art where she could see herself reflected.


‘I began taking self-portraits when I was a teenager, which helps me to reflect on my intersectionality and document my growth. I hope to empower others to be their authentic self. The more time I invest in myself, the more I have found the courage to go for my dream of exhibiting my photography.’


Simone’s series upcoming series ‘Divinity of Afro Hair’, pays homage to traditional hairstyles by creating different shapes that display the versatility of afro hair. Factual patterns within hair predominantly resonated with the artist, expanding on this idea by intentionally using patterns and shapes that complemented particular hairstyles to create a new narrative of black hair.

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