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Cucusonic is a new album raising awareness of the biodiversity of Colombia and its importance globally. The album was created by combining the work of a collective of Colombian biological scientists, anthropologists and musicians, partnered with The University of Manchester’s ‘Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology’ and charity, In Place of War.

The team worked with local communities to collect and record sounds and stories from the Colombian Neotropical forests, inviting musicians and producers to create tracks from the field recordings. 


“It’s a fab project and very rare species are already being discovered, including a frog (chocolate frog  - Hyloscirtus antioquia), recently described, from which a musical track is being developed.” Andrew Gray, Curator of Herpetology.

We are delighted to be supporting the project and developing links between the work and our collections and conservation activities.

The album will be released 29 October in the build up to COP26.

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