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Three Christmas Stars of Manchester Museum

(With apologies to the original beautiful carol!)

Poem written by Culture Champion Nakib Narat, inspired by the Made to Measure Session we held with the Culture Champions last December.

Lovely Three Stars of Zoom event

Bearing gifts so generously sent.

Magical Manchester Museum’s curiosities

Gifted from Orient to Occident.


Maria Jose’s “Made to Measure”

Amazing, extraordinary treasures! 

From “Beauty & The Beasts” luminosities:

Dmitri & Rachel’s personal pleasures.


O Stars of wonder, stars so bright

Joyful, learning. So discerning

Rachel & Dimitri ’s wondrous sights!


Entomology to Botany and Zoology

Mantis Shrimp to Moths and bugs that glow

Herbariums for ecosystems yearning

As Insectophiles gather ‘neath the Mistletoe


Humans and insects connected.

All life only protected 

When we are a whole.

All life only protected

When we are a whole


Nakib Narat

Thank You very much to Curators Rachel Webster and Dmitri Logunov for the wonderful Zoom talk about their work, displays and stories about some of the extraordinary plants and creatures in the Manchester Museum

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