Culture Declares Emergency

Manchester Museum declares a climate emergency. Still.  Again.  More than ever.

At Manchester Museum, we are urgently transforming how we support ecological thinking and action, build more sustainable futures and inspire cooperation and change in our city.

This is a global crisis and we are all partners in a great common reinvention project.  The museum’s international work (in Costa Rica, Australia, India) highlights the immediate and grim impacts of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss on communities and the land.  It reminds us of the inequalities that exist between and within nations.  Our work in Manchester highlights inequalities closer to home.  Climate emergency is a cultural and social justice issue.


In caring for the past, museums are essentially staking a claim on what matters in the future.  At Manchester Museum, at the University of Manchester, we believe a better future requires us to reframe how we care and take action to build understanding, empathy and love for our world and each other.


Using #CultureTakesAction, Manchester Museum will share their actions, which include foregrounding indigenous perspectives, reimagining education for future survival and producing a register of green practitioners across Manchester.   The Museum’s Director Esme Ward also leads on the climate response for Manchester Cultural Leaders group and will convene an assembly in October to address the emergency. 

Letters to Insects

More than 32,000 species are threatened with extinction; that is 27% of all assessed species. Today, some 3,000 insects are known to be vulnerable, endangered or at risk of extinction. In our Beauty and the Beasts exhibition the public were invited to write a Letter to the Insect in response to the threats that many of them are facing.  

Outdoor Explorers banner.jpg

Outdoor Explorers

Activities and resources for an outdoor adventure, exploring the wonderful world of plants and minibeasts.

Student Guide to the Climate Crisis

Pooja Kishinani and Marion Smith, students at University of Manchester, have created a guide for students around three themes- the emotions, basic information and activist advice of climate change.

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