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Dinosaurs with David

Dinosaurs with David LIVE 

Tuesday  9 June, 12 noon 


Manchester Museum’s famous T. rex Stan is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cool dinosaur facts and stories! Join David Gelsthorpe, our Curator of Earth Sciences as he tells these amazing stories and answers your questions.


David will reveal how we know that many dinosaurs had feathers from a handful of spectacular fossils, many from China. But surprisingly we have some incredible dinosaurs right here in Britain. David will explore how evidence of Iguanodon bones, dinosaur footprints and fossil plants can paint a vivid picture of Britain 170 million years ago


Manchester Museum has striking evidence of the end of most of the dinosaurs in a rock that shows the exact point where the extinction happened 66 million years ago. But amazingly, some dinosaurs survived and evolved into birds we see today.

Find out more about Dino's in Lockdown on Paleomanchester's blog.

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