Exhibition Hall

A major new space dedicated to large-scale exhibitions and extraordinary projects.

Almost trebling our existing capacity, the new Exhibition Hall (420m2) will be the catalyst for transforming Manchester Museum’s ability to produce, host and tour internationally-significant shows and experiences.

The Museum is well known for its distinctive exhibitions, frequently drawing upon cutting-edge research, from The University of Manchester and beyond. However, their impact has been restricted due to the limitations of our existing facilities. The Exhibition Hall will enable us to realise this model on a much larger scale, stimulating new partnerships to develop a truly ambitious and distinctively ‘Manchester Museum’ offer. Exhibitions will explore the richness of our world, of history and the past, present and future. There will be awe and wonder, but also much more than visual spectacle. They will explore different perspectives and challenging subjects, create new powerful stories and engage with big ideas, global challenges and local action.

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