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Visit an Ancient Egyptian Healing Temple

Location: The Pop-Up Museum, in your school hall or playground

Aimed at: Key Stage 2

Extra/curricular Links: Earliest Civilisations (Ancient Egypt), Similarity and Difference, Wellbeing, Understanding between cultures

Timing: 60-75 minutes per class, up to 3 classes per day

Availability: Wednesdays and Thursdays in term-time from mid-November 2021

After an extraordinary 18 months, now is a great time for us all to focus on wellbeing. 

But do we modern Mancunians ‘keep well’ any differently than the ancient Egyptians did, 3000 years ago?  What can we learn about wellbeing from this fascinating society? 

Our new Egyptology workshop asks children to consider the evidence. Children will: 

  • Visit a replica of the Healing Chapel from the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in our Pop-Up Museum 

  • Take part in an interactive treasure hunt to discover ancient Egyptian gods of healing  

  • Consider what ancient Egyptian people used to keep well, and compare real and replica artefacts to modern items  

  • Replicate a real ancient Egyptian healing ritual   



Our Pop-Up Museum can set up anywhere on a flat surface outside in your school grounds or inside the school, as long as we have these dimensions available: 3.5m x 7m area and 3.5 meters high.


Object handling will take place outside of the Pop-Up at a location that’s convenient for you, for example: on picnic blankets or benches on the playground (weather dependent!), elsewhere in the school hall, or in a classroom. 

A note on care during this workshop

Although not explicitly designed to, this activity may prompt discussions around children’s experiences of the pandemic or other challenging health-related issues. We ask that familiar and trusted adults (such as pupils’ regular teacher or TA) are supervising the children at all times during this workshop, and that consideration is taken when booking and on the day for the needs of any children who may find these themes upsetting. For example, you may wish to plan for time to continue discussions later in the day for those who need it. If you have any doubts about the suitability of this workshop for your class, please do contact us to discuss in advance. 

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