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by members of Pure Art Studio

Heirlooms is a collection of artwork produced by members of Pure Art Studio inspired by Manchester Museum’s Heritage Futures exhibition and their own response to the theme ‘Heirlooms.’  The project incorporated 3 creative workshops hosted by the Museum, enabling artists to explore the collection, looking closely at precious items that tell stories of the past.


This work continued back at Pure Art Studio alongside their ongoing artist residency Creative Share.  The residency, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England has enabled Pure’s artists to develop their practice alongside ceramicist Laura Negus, sharing skills, interests and experiences.  They explored their personal takes on themes such as legacy, treasured memories, family heirlooms and ‘how will I be remembered?’  This began with artists bringing in their own items and capturing initial ideas on paper, then producing ceramic artworks.


Pure Art Studio is part of Pure Innovations, a registered charity that supports people with a learning disability or autism to create fulfilled lives with a sense of purpose and belonging.

Heirlooms - The Exhibition Gallery

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Heirlooms - a short film by Pure Art Studio

Laura Negus - Artist in Residence

This piece is inspired by my grandfather’s maquette depicting himself and my grandmother sitting on a park bench. Spending time in the park surrounding the studio, I have focused on the ‘plant collectors border’ which showcases plants brought over to the UK by Edwardian plant collectors, often risking their lives in the process. Using plant matter collected from this border and referencing forms typical of the countries visited by the plant collectors.

Laura Negus.jpeg

Heirlooms - The Project

Capturing the artistic process, from inspiration, planning and design to creating the Heirlooms exhibition.

Pure Art Studio

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