History & Education Events

“Warrior Queens, Moon-Faced Singers and Dancing Girls: Gender at the Lahore Durbar”. Priya Atwal in conversation with Radha Kapuria. 

  • Date: Wednesday 22nd July,

  • Time: 5 - 6pm

  • Platform:

  • Description: This event brings together two historians who explore gender at the Lahore court of Ranjit Singh (r.1799-1839), the founder of the cosmopolitan Sikh empire. The conversation will include tales of women connected to the Lahore court, ranging from the mighty Sada Kaur and the bewitching dancer Bibi Moran, to the power later wielded by Mai Nakain, Gul Begum and Rani Jindan, among many others. Capturing the lives of these women helps us to reimagine not simply the history of Punjab, but also its politics, arts and culture.

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Geography and History class

  • Date: Thursday 23rd July,

  • Time: 11 AM

  • Platform: 

  • Description: Join Bobby Seagull, school teacher, Univeristy Challenge legend and host of BBC Series Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Adventures for a learning adventure for children. Bobby will travel to his parental homeland of Kerala in India to learn about the culture, history and geography of the subcontinent. We’ll also learn a Bollywood dance!

  • Social media: @Bobby_Seagull

British Nepalese Heritage

  • Date: Sunday, 26 July

  • Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Platform:

  • Description: What does it mean to belong to two countries, does it mean we don’t belong anywhere at all? Or does it mean we get the best of both worlds? What parts of our heritage do we admire the most, and why? How do current world events relate to our heritage? 

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UKPHA hosted by Lou Fenech

An Exploration of heritage and Identity through creative mediums. 

VJ Day 75 - The Asian Experience in the Second World War, presented by Jasvir Singh

  • Date: Tuesday 11th August

  • Time: 6-7pm

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Description: TBC

Excuse me, do you speak Hinglish?

  • Date: 

  • Time:

  • Platform: Zoom 

  • Description: Exploring and celebrating South Asian identity in the UK through language heritage. The event entails a Kahoot quiz, pre-recorded and live zoom discussion and questions and a Q&A,

Social: Shereen Pethania

Letters to our Women - South Asian Women in the Second World War, by Kiran Sahota

  • Date: Wednesday 12th August

  • Time: 6pm

  • Platform: 

  • Description: Kiran Sahota and Paula Kitching will be discussing and exploring the letters sent by Indian soldiers during the wars encouraging Indian Women to become educated like the women they encountered in the Western World.

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Punjabiyat Event by Dr Maryyum Mehmood

  • Date: Thursday 13th August

  • Time: 6-7PM

  • Platform: 

  • Description: TBC

Partition Education Group Event 

Child of the Divide: how do we teach children about our history?

  • Date: Saturday 15th August

  • Time: at 6pm

  • Platform: Child of the Divide Play to be available via SAHM Youtube Channel, panel discussion platform TBC.

  • Synopsis: An opportunity to watch the archive recording of the play 'Child of the Divide' online between [ 13-15 August ], followed by a panel discussion on how to teach the history of Partition to school children. An emotionally-charged story of family, identity and belonging; marking the 70th anniversary of the partition of India. Child of the Divide was a play that toured the UK in 2017, supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Presented by Bhuchar Boulevard in association with Big Imaginations, Partition History Project and Polka Theatre.

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An audience with Kavita Puri: Partition Voices

  • Date: Sunday 16th August

  • Time: 6pm

  • Platform: Zoom Webinar. LINK TBC

  • Description: A conversation with Kavita Puri author of Partition Voices looking at the legacy of the Partition of India and how it still affects us today. Hosted by Binita Kane.

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Goans in Britain: The Role of British and Portuguese Colonialism in their migration and settlement

Dr Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes

Goan Social Scientist – author of Colonialism, Migration and the International Catholic Goan Community

  • Date: 18th August 2020

  • Time: 17.30

  • Platform: 

  • Description: India was a British colony from 1858 to 1947 but Goa, a state on the west coast, was a Portuguese colony from 1510 to 1961. The presentation will focus on two waves of large scale migration of Goans to Britain: in the 20th century through British citizenship and in the 21st century through Portuguese citizenship. As the overwhelming majority of Goans in Britain are Catholic, I will examine the development of a local Catholic Goan community in Goa from the 16th century and its subsequent transformation into an international community, including residents in Britain. I will examine socio-economic and cultural patterns, diaspora connections and links with Goa.

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  • Social media handles of partners and collaborators: Goanassosiasionuk FB

Reconnecting Partition Witnesses Using Virtual Reality' and panel discussion with the Project Dastaan Team

  • Date: 13th August

  • Time: 4pm

  • Platform: 

  • Description: Project Dastaan (داستان‎/दास्तान: “Story”) is a VR peace-building initiative which examines the human impact of global migration through the lens of the largest forced migration in recorded history, the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan  


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