Jurassic Beasts Live, with David and Jan

Tuesday 25th of August 12 noon

Giant Plesiosaurs swimming through the tropical waters of Yorkshire and Devon. Ichthyosaurs chasing fish and squid, amongst corals and ammonites. These Jurassic Beasts dominated our seas 200 million years ago.

Join our Curator of Earth Sciences, David Gelsthorpe and Curator of Natural History at The Box, Plymouth, Jan Freedman to explore these incredible stories and answer your Jurassic Beasts questions.


David and Jan will show how these spectacular fossils paint an amazingly detailed picture of the rich Jurassic life that lived in the tropical seas in Britain. They will share stories of the discovery of these fossils and how they shaped our understanding of evolution, climate change and extinction. They will share the secrets of how you can discover these Jurassic Beasts for yourself.

David’s Twitter: @PaleoManchester

Jan’s Twitter: @JanFreedman

The Box, Plymouth’s Twitter: @theBoxPlymouth

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