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Letters to Insects

More than 32,000 species are threatened with extinction; that is 27% of all assessed species. Today, some 3,000 insects are known to be vulnerable, endangered or at risk of extinction. In our Beauty and the Beasts exhibition the public were invited to write a Letter to the Insect in response to the threats that many of them are facing.

The invitation was open to interpretation and open to all. Letters of love, loss, hope and action were written by many visitors. 

The campaign is still running, now on the #MMBeautyandtheBeasts online exhibition website where you can keep writing letters and read the others. 

What would you say to the insects? Would you like to tell butterflies that they are beautiful, or be helpful to bees? 

​Like Letter to the Earth, this is an invitation to write a letter in response to a crisis.  

The idea is open to interpretation: it could come from a personal experience or a call to action. The invitation is open to all, to think beyond the human narrative and challenge the significance of by who the power is really held. 

This is an opportunity to share the appreciation and care that should support this moment of action and commitment in this unprecedented crisis.

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