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Music Events


Muslim Arts and Culture Festival (MACFESTUK) presents A Mini Festival: 

South Asian Art and Culture Bonanza Celebrating South Asian Heritage​  

  • Date: Saturday 15th August 2020

  • Time: 2-3;30pm

  • Platform: Registration via MACFESTUK website.

  • Description: 

Hosted by Abdullah Afzal ( actor and comedian of sitcom ‘Citizen Khan’) and Qaisra Shahraz MACFEST Executive Director & Novelist.

Chief Guest to launch the event: Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Paul Griffiths.

  • Bengali Cultural Heritage: with Saki Chowdhury, community activist, showcasing cultural artefacts.


  • Literature


  • Poetry performance with music, ‘From Waris to Waltz’ with Dr Aziz Ibrahim, Guitarist and poet.

  • Short reading from, ‘The Journey’ about the partition of India & Pakistan by Qaisra Shahraz, author of ‘The Concubine & The Slave Catcher.’

  • Art

Painting and poetry with Sundar Kanta Walker, celebrated Indian artist and author.


  • Architecture

The Mughal monuments of subcontinent of India, and Pakistan with Sara Adio, British Muslim and a researcher.


  • Cake Artwork; celebrating cultural cake decorating with Roshan Ahmed, teacher and cake artist


  • Music & Dance by Soulbeats

Medley of Indian Bollywood and Banghra dances with Sonia Sharma, poet, painter & dancer and Khattak dance with Malika Kapasi.They represent India’s magnificent, diverse, multi-cultural forms of dance. Soul Beats aspires to translate creative art into community spirit, by integrating varied and diverse communities within Manchester.


  • Music with Tahir Qawwal from the USA

Tahir is leader of the Qawwali Ensemble Fanna-Fi-Allah & producer of the film series Music of the Mystics. music from the famous group live from USA.





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Bobby Seagull’s South Asian Quiz Extravaganza 


Kuch Kuch Bollywood House Party 


Introduction to Carnatic Music in partnership with Harrow Music Service 

  • Date: Thursday 30th July 2020

  • Time: 3-3:45pm

  • Platform: Online Zoom Workshop

  • Description: Harrow Arts Centre presents a taster Carnatic workshop. Carnatic music is the Southern Indian form of classical music, which has a rich history of more than 4000 years and strong links to Hindu religion. In this taster session you will get the opportunity to learn, sing, participate, ask questions and most importantly have fun with many others in the journey of getting to know about Carnatic music. 

  • Website of partner[s] for more information:


Traditional South Asian Sufi Music Performance

  • Date: 30th July 2020

  • Time: 3pm

  • Platform:

  • Description: Singers of South Asian heritage, mainly from the UK, but also from different parts of the world. We are trying to secure singers of South Asian heritage from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada and Malaysia.  It will be an international South Asian sufi music extravaganza!!
    Musical and acapella performance of traditional South Asian Sufi (spiritual & religious) songs in various South Asian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Punjabi. Hosted By Numan Azmi, South Asian Sufi Singer based in the UK & Former Director of a well-known Sufi music group in Bangladesh.  

  • Website of partner(s) for more information:


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Nabihah Iqbal 


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Tenma, co-founder of The Casteless Collective:


An audio-visual experience with The Casteless Collective about the revolutionary protest band, music, equality and freedom


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Natasha Noorani, Part 1


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Natasha Noorani, Part 2


Saraswati Veena Performance

  • Date: Thursday 13th August 2020

  • Time: 7-7:30pm

  • Platform: Online Youtube Premiere

  • Description: Divyanand Caird is a South Indian (Carnatic) Classical musician based in London hailing from an Indo-Scottish heritage. This unique performance shared via Youtube will cover some of the repertoire and improvisation in the Karaikudi Vina Tradition which is the oldest surviving musical tradition in South India going back eleven generations.

  • Website of partner(s) for more information: 


Folk and beyond – a contemporary approach to the roots of Bangladeshi folk music and beyond with Labik Kamal Gaurob

  • Date: Friday 14th August 2020

  • Time: 4pm

  • Platform: YouTube, link tbc

  • Description: Labik Kamal Gaurob is a renowned Bangladeshi musician, known for his soulful renditions of Baul music both in traditional and contemporary arrangements. In this session, he discusses different aspects of Bangladeshi folk and folk fusion music, western approaches to eastern melodies, and how music connects us to bigger philosophical ideas

  • Social media handles: 


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Coven Code DJ Collective: Reflections on Electronic Music in India 


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Tenma, co-founder of the revolutionary band The Casteless Collective: the heritage and culture of protest music

  • Date: Monday 10th August 2020

  • Time: 12am

  • Platform:

  • Description: This mixtape is curated and presented by Tenma, co-founder of the revolutionary band The Casteless Collective. Tune in for inspiration on the rich heritage of protest music and to hear music by artists who are tirelessly asserting their culture and identity.

  • Social media handles 


South Asian Heritage Month Mixtapes: Nabihah Iqbal 

  • Date: 7th August 2020

  • Time: Selector After Dark, 12 noon

  • Platform: 15 minute music section from the playlist: on Friday

    Full playlist: Saturday 8th August midnight 

  • Description: Musician, producer, DJ and broadcaster Nabihah Iqbal takes us on a journey of music from Pakistan spanning the traditional to contemporary with many twists in between

  • Social media handles
    instagram - @nabihahiqbal
    twitter - @nabihahiqbal
    facebook - @nabihahiqbalofficial


South Asian Heritage Month collaborative playlist


Mapping the Underground – a journey of Brit-Asian underground music by DJ Ritu

  • Date: 04 August 2020  

  • Time: 8 PM

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Description: The 90s Asian Underground scene was one of the most exciting chapters in music history, along with other great British genres like drum n’ bass, trip hop, and Indie. Before Asian Underground really took off, innovative artists laid the foundations a decade earlier, creating East-West fusions that captivated the mainstream and began a musical revolution. Trailblazing British Asian women were at the forefront as Nazia Hassan won the hearts of Bollywood fans, and Sheila Chandra, Najma Akhtar, and DJ Ritu broke through numerous glass ceilings in the 80s. In this discussion panel for SAHM, hear Sheila, Najma, and Ritu - together for the first time – talk about their journey through Top of the Pops and WOMAD stages, landing major label record deals, and much more!


'Musical Expression of South Asian Faith & Heritage'.

  • Date: Sunday 9th August 2020

  • Time: 7pm BST 

  • Platform:  Eventbrite

  • Description: As part of South Asian Heritage Month 2020, we are proud to present This event, hosted by Numan Azmi and Vibs Bhatia will showcase 10 South Asian languages, celebrating the diverse sounds and history of South Asia.
    Recorded in lockdown, we have talented artists from across the UK and Iqbal HJ from USA! We hope you can join us on our live stream!

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