Muso Baby

At Manchester Museum we have been working with music therapist Rachel Swanick to deliver Muso Baby in our under 5’s gallery, Nature Discovery. This is a music and emotional support group for parents with young babies. The aim of the group is to provide fun and educational songs for parents, and also to provide a space where they can support each other through the challenges of parenthood. Access to the sessions at the museum has been by referral from local health visitors, children’s centre staff and organisations supporting families with young children.

As the museum is currently closed due to the Covid 19 virus, the sessions are currently being delivered online with access for all families, each Tuesday morning on our Muso Baby Virtual! closed Facebook page; a live chat between 10am - 11am followed by a live music session between 11- 11.30am. The live music sessions, as well as guided meditations for parents to use with young children at bedtime are also posted as videos on the Muso Baby Virtual! here.


  1. Tuesday 4 Aug

  2. Tuesday 11 Aug

  3. Tuesday 18 Aug

  4. Tuesday 25 Aug

  5. Tuesday 15 September

  6. Tuesday 22 September

  7. Tuesday 29 September

  8. Tuesday 6 October

  9. Tuesday 13 October

  10. Tuesday 20 October