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Heirlooms is a collection of artwork produced by members of Pure Art Studio inspired by Manchester Museum’s collections,  looking closely at precious items that tell stories of the past, and their own response to the theme ‘Heirlooms.’


Heirlooms is currently on display in the exhibition window at Manchester Museum, on view on Oxford Road - you do not need to enter the museum to see the exhibition.

We Are Nature

How does nature make you feel? Discover Wild Chorus and Voicing Silence, two new artistic responses to the beauty, complexity and decline of wildlife.


Minerals: Sustainability and Hidden stories

Have you ever wondered how minerals form, what they are used in and who was involved in getting Manchester Museum’s mineral collection out of the ground?


Beauty and the Beasts

falling in love with insects

Our reactions may be based on personal experience, instinct, influenced by news stories, films or mythical tales. A world without insects would, in the end, be a world without people. Our exhibition Beauty and the Beasts; falling in love with insects invites you to take a closer look at the world of insects.



A Ming Emperor’s seat

Insect Hotel

Nature Through Roman Eyes