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Outdoor Explorers

There’s so much to discover about nature on your doorstep.

Whether you live in a city or town, countryside or seaside, you will find all sorts of nature on your doorstep. Just like the scientists and researchers who have collected and studied our museum specimens, you too can become an Outdoor Explorer.

These resources will introduce the wonderful world of plant life and minibeasts with top tips to help you to get ready for an outdoor adventure and all you need to make your very own field notebooks.

Activities and resources have been designed for Outdoor Explorers aged 7+ years old, with adult supervision.

Share what you find and send us a photo of your Outdoor Explorer’s field notebook @MM_Connects @MM_Families #MMOutdoorExplorers

Outdoor Explorer Films

We have made some films for inspiration and with top tips to help you to study the plant life and minibeasts you find.


Exploring nature at Manchester Museum

An introduction and tips to make a field notebook


Outdoor Explorer's

Guide to Observing Minibeasts

How to find and study minibeasts

Outdoor Explorer's

Guide to Plant Life

How to study and collect plants

Outdoor Explorer Field Notebooks

Download and print the templates and use the instructions to create your own Outdoor Explorers field notebook


Minibeast field notebook template


The plant life field notebook template

instructions icon.png

Instructions to make notebook

These resources were produced as part of the Cultural Explorers Programme, working with Armitage CE Primary School and interference-arts and funded by the University of Manchester’s Social Responsibility team.

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