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Partition Education Group

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate professionals from across the educational and cultural sectors coming together to encourage and facilitate increased engagement with the history of South Asia – with a particular focus on the 1947 Partition – within UK schools.  We are part of a wider initiative for a South Asia Heritage Month (SAHM) campaign that seeks to raise the profile of South Asian history and heritage in the UK through education, arts, culture and commemoration of historical events such as Partition.

What is our vision?

We want the school curricula at both Primary and Secondary levels to better represent the history and heritage of our multicultural society in Britain and acknowledge the impact of the British Empire and results of colonialism. Teachers should be empowered to explore issues around colonialism and the impact it has had on history as well as the legacy that remains in our current society. Pupils should have an opportunity to discuss and explore multiple interpretations of history, and discover some of the hidden histories that exist outside the scope of the current curriculum.

We aim to bring together common groups that are producing resources and training to support the inclusion of Partition, South Asian history, and the decolonisation of the school curricula in current educational settings. Through these resources and the direct involvement of young people campaigning for a broader understanding of the history of the British Empire, we hope to educate all of Britain’s young people in their shared histories and culture.

Why are we doing it?

All children should have access to knowledge and understanding of this significant period in British history and we seek to demonstrate that South Asian history (like many other Commonwealth countries) is also British history.
You can view our existing constitution and mission here:

Where can you find out more or join in the discussion?

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What resources are available already?

We’re currently compiling a selection of useful resources and projects that will help teachers and educators explore topics such as Partition, and can provide useful insights into the hidden histories of Empire. If you know of any existing ones, please do share with us.


Partition Education Group Resources

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