An IGTV Series of a Q&A Panel Discussion on South Asian history from different perspectives.

Question 1: Why Do Schools Not Teach About South Asian History? 

Question 2: How Do You Feel As A South Asian Student In The Classroom?

Question 3: Why Hasn’t The UK Government Apologised For The Amritsar Massacre? 

Question 4: What Was The 1971 Liberation War?

Question 5: How Likely Is It That South Asian History Will Be Put On The Curriculum? 

Question 6: ‘White History Is Important Too’ - How Would You Respond?

Question 7: Who Are Your Top Five South Asian Figures? 

Question 8: ‘Were there any influential South Asian suffragettes?'

Question 9: Why Is History Important To You As A South Asian?

Question 10: What South Asian History Do You Wish You Had Been Taught?

Question 11: How Did The British Decide The Borders Between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

Question 12: How Did Indian Soldiers Help Britain in WW1 & WW2?