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Manchester Pride

We believe that museums should be safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. We are proud to celebrate Manchester Pride and recognise and celebrate the rich diversity of LGBTQ+ people of Manchester and beyond. We have activities and resources that are available all year round, and inclusion and diversity are embedded into all our work, programmes and decision-making processes.

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Queer Museum

Queering Manchester Museum

We believe that museums should be safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. Queering Manchester Museum is our online resource that brings together our LGBTQ+ events and activities. We aim to bring new voices to our collections and explore objects and histories through queer storytelling. We hope you find these resources useful, and that some of the stories capture your imagination to think about museum collections in different ways.

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Tours and Trails

LGBTQ+ Tours and Trails

Challenging the traditional ways in which museums have interpreted objects brings opportunities to create spaces where LGBTQ+ people can see themselves represented. We will continue to add new, diverse voices to our collection.

Check out our digital trail which brings LGBTQ+ voices to the collection. The trail includes some of Manchester Museum’s most iconic objects as well some hidden gems.

LGBTQ+ Trail

For LGBTQ+ History Month we are taking you on a journey through natural history and the ancient world, bringing new voices to the collections and opening up the possibility for multiple interpretations.


Through stories of gender, sexuality and family, we take a look at what is natural and what has been culturally constructed by modern society.

A Queer Tour of Manchester Museum

Activities and Resources

Activities and Resources

Get creative with these fun craft activities and puzzles! Just click on the pictures below to download. These activities are designed for all ages, but please make sure that young children have adult supervision.


Have fun and don't forget to share your creations! 

LGBTQ+ Activities

Mask Making.webp
Flag Matching Puzzle.webp
Protest Signs 2.webp

We have put together some links and resources from organisations doing great work with LGBTQ+ people and their families. We will continue adding to this list.

Community links and resources

And for a deeper dive... We've brought together some research and writing by staff from across the museum.

Queering the Museum - Longer Reads



How can Museums tell LGBTQ+ Stories

with Dan Vo

Historically, LGBTQ+ people and their histories have been absent from museum displays and narratives, how can museums start to tell LGBTQ+ stories? In this episode we are joined by Dan Vo, an advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion in museums and the Project Manager for the Queer Heritage and Collections Network, working with museums and heritage sites across the country. Dan is joined in conversation by Mattie Davies from Manchester Museum’s Learning and Engagement team, Mattie is also the Trans Youth Work Coordinator for the Proud Trust.


Mattie and Dan reflect on their own experiences, exploring the power of storytelling and the importance of representation and belonging for LGBTQ+ people in museums.


How do everyday objects tell our stories?

with Dr Denise Kwan

What stories are hidden in everyday objects and why is telling these stories so important? In this episode we speak with Dr Denise Kwan, an artist, writer, and art lecturer whose project ‘Object-Stories of British Chinese Women’ tells the journeys of diasporic Chinese women in the UK through their everyday objects. 


The project invited women to present an object of personal significance to explore how questions of belonging and identity are entangled in the most everyday of things. Participants talked about their lives through everyday objects and drawing on these stories as inspiration, the women attended art workshops to explore ways of visualising the significance of their possessions.


Carry on Collecting: Sex, Gender and Ethnography

with Stephen Welsh

In this talk, Stephen Welsh draws attention to the historical ethnocentricity of museum displays and interpretation. Collections assembled in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were invariably informed by contemporary notions of gender and sex.

Chiefly male collectors misrepresented and misappropriated objects associated with concepts of gender and sex found beyond Europe to fit their own particular colonialist worldview. Sex was inextricably associated with childbirth, women with domesticity and men with warfare and violence.


This talk was part of the Wellcome Collection's Sexology Season. It was recorded on 2 March 2015 at Manchester Museum.


Events in Manchester

Find out more about Manchester Pride

Manchester was the world’s first industrial city, Victorian Manchester was a hotbed of radical ideas, home to Anti-Corn Law League agitators and rioting Chartists. As a result, its history is steeped in political activism, including the protest for LGBTQ+ rights.

On 20th February 1988, a huge anti-Section 28 protest was held in Manchester. Over 20,000 people took to the streets to let their disquiet be heard. At the time, it was one of the largest LGBTQ+ demonstrations ever to take place in the UK. Fast forward to 2022, and Manchester continues to lead the way in the fight for LGBTQ+ liberation.

The Manchester Pride Parade is the city's biggest, with tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ people and allies gathering to march through the city for equality and thousands more lining the streets to take in the spectacular sea of colours.

The theme for the 2022 Parade is 'March for Peace'. Have a look at the Manchester Pride website to find out more about the history of Manchester Pride, and what's going on this weekend across the city... 


Manchester Pride Festival 

Manchester Pride Festival is a ‘party as protest.’ It is a part of the largest LGBTQ+ liberation movement in the world, celebrating queer people, culture and expression as loudly and publicly as possible in a refusal to hide in shame.

Pride has grown exponentially in its 50+ year history as a movement for queer liberation. But the fight is far from over.

With LGBTQ+ youth increasingly experiencing bullying, self-harm and homelessness and the recent rise in anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes, it’s more vital than ever that Manchester Pride celebrations remain strong.


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