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Exploring rhythm as a shared language

Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, and the Indian Music Experience Museum, Bangalore, are thrilled to announce RhythmXchange. This is a new collaborative project that seeks to explore rhythm as a shared language between East and West.


Four young people with musical skills from India and the UK have been selected to take part in this exciting artistic development programme. During a six-month period, starting in autumn 2022, the young musicians will each be supported by two mentors – one from India and one from the UK – to design and facilitate a percussion-based art project. This mentoring programme will culminate in youth-led international performances of their collaborative piece at two on-site festivals at Manchester Museum in the UK and the India Music Experience Museum in Bangalore.

  • India Festival, India Music Experience Museum, 25-27 November 2022

  • Manchester Festival, Manchester Museum, 17-19 March 2023


The idea of rhythm as a language can be dated back to antiquity. Vocal percussion is common in the East and West, but the styles differ considerably, as do the cultural contexts in which they evolved and are performed. The project seeks to understand how music traditions interact across borders. Therefore, while this unique experience focuses on developing and giving autonomy to young musicians and growing their global networks, we also aim to create a collaborative cross-cultural artistic outcome.


This is an international partnership between Manchester Museum and the Indian Music Experience Museum funded by British Council’s India/UK Together Season of Culture and Our Shared Cultural Heritage programmes.

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