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Manchester Museum is looking to support new programmes, projects or events that respond to Black History Month and we are inviting young people, community groups, creative practitioners and researchers to put forward their work or ideas.

We are looking to support applications that meet the following criteria:

Celebrate Black History, amplify black voices and stories and share what it means to you.

Contribute to our vision to build understanding between cultures and a sustainable future.

Reflect our values and ambition to become the UK’s most caring, imaginative and accessible museum.

What we are offering:

10 proposals will be taken forward and showcased on this digital platform throughout

2020 – 2021

A simple digital application process

A response to your proposal by mid November

The option to apply for a small grant of up to £500 to support the development and delivery of your work or idea

Support from a member of our team to help you present your work or idea in a digital format


Submit your work


Image files

Max File Size 500MB

Document files

Max 300 Words

Video files

Max File Size 15GB

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