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The South Asian Studio


Online Art Exhibition and CHALLENGE - ‘It’s Time to Talk’! 

This online art exhibition created by Shafia Fiaz aims to focus on overlooked and taboo topics within the South Asian community because its ‘time to talk’. With an added challenge targeted to artists to illustrate their artwork and receive a chance to be featured on the OSCH and Manchester Museum social media platforms.

Send in submissions to 


IGTV SERIES - Q&A Panel Discussion: South Asian History

An IGTV Series of a Q&A Panel Discussion on South Asian history from different perspectives – Shalina Patel (History teacher and founder of @thehistorycorridor on Instagram) Roheema Yasmin (Law student and Digital Producer for Manchester Museum), Hawwa Alam (History Graduate and Digital Producer for Manchester Museum) and Salma Khaliq (History teacher).

@ryasmxn @hawwaetc @thehistorycorridor 

@shalinapatel @sk__7654 

history panel cover image.jpg

Recipe Cooking Series with Naheeda Khan

An IGTV Series of South Asian Recipes:

1 Matar Pilau

2 Coconut Chickpea Curry

3 Barbecue Tandoori Wings

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