World Wildlife Day 2021

On 3 March we celebrated UN World Wildlife Day 2021 - Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.

Featuring the launch of '60 Second Species', new short and informative weekly video clips by the Vivarium Team, an exclusive performance by Mexican composer and musician Francisco Lozano and the chance to treat yourself to a 'must-have' Sylvia the Frog T-shirt.

We shared our event on Social Media using the hashtags:

#ForestsPeoplePlanet #WWD2021 #WorldWildlifeDay #WWD

Brilliant News!

Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, is delighted to announce that it has become the only institution outside their country of origin to breed the Variable Harlequin Toad, one of the world’s rarest amphibians.


60 Second Species

Join the Vivarium Team every week and discover the fascinating natural habitats of a range of animal and plant species.

Discover our Conservation Work

The Vivarium is particularly notable for its large collection of Costa Rican Frogs, and Manchester Museum has been responsible for establishing important captive breeding programmes for some of the country’s most Critically Endangered species.


Collaborative Conservation
Panama Wildlife Webinar

Splendid  Frog  T-shirt